Sunday, August 7, 2011

One More…

Block #47  Homemaker
This block was quite a challenge because for starters, I followed the pictures in the book and did not actually follow the instructions.  Once I realized that the block wasn’t going to go together as planned, I ripped it out and tried by following the written instructions.  The second try went much smoother but you can see I have two little puckers in the fabric, not to mention when it gets sewn into the quilt I’m going to lose some of those points. 
On a side note, today I took on another side project and created a DIY light box in the hope that I will be able to take some better photos for the blog.  I think the photo of the block above is an improvement but I still have some tweaking to do.  Anyone have any suggestions or tips on how I can get it brighter?  I’ve been toying with the exposure control but haven’t quite found the right balance yet.


Anonymous said...

Where did you find the DIY light box? I so need to make one of those!

Ingrid said...

I used this tutorial: