Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here come the holidays

The holidays are barreling towards us and I am in happy happy crafty land right now.  I just LOVE this time of year and have too many ideas swirling in my head from so much amazing internet inspiration. I’ve been a complete blog junkie lately and my bookmark list has gotten totally out of hand.  Speaking of which… if you aren’t a frequent visitor to the Sew Mama Sew blog, you will be now.  They are in the midst of their annual Handmade Holidays series that happens every November.  There are lots of contests, tutorials, patterns and handmade gift ideas galore so you may want to check them out.


Also speaking of holidays, my mug rug has made it’s long trek to Oregon and been received. My partner’s chosen holiday was Thanksgiving so I went with this pieced pumpkin pie.  I really wanted to do something paper pieced since I’m just starting to get comfortable with the process, and I wanted to think a little out of the box. 


So, I did a little searching on the internet and found this pieced pattern here at 365 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks. I was really happy with it when I was finished and hope my partner was too. 

My next project is to finish my October $6 block for the local quilt shop meeting in 2 weeks, finish the pieced borders on the flurry quilt (quilt top almost done!!) and finish the quilting on the 2 year old crazy 9 patch quilt.  We’re having our first truly cold, windy, damp day of the season here in Florida today so maybe this is my golden opportunity to get some projects finished.  Happy November!