I'm a wife, nurse, and crafter constantly in search of new things to learn. I love to sew though I'd definitely be considered a newbie.  My love of all things fibery started in the yarn and knitting arena. However, being a Floridian, I had a hard time finding much practical use for what I was knitting.  So, about 2 years ago I moved on to teaching myself to sew and now I'm in love. Again, everything I know I learned from other blogs and the internet sewing community.  I'm addicted to sewing bags, love all things quilty, and am excited to try my hand at sewing clothing.  I tend to constantly have a million projects in the works and am very guilty of project hopping.  My intent with this blog is to just share what I'm doing, share what I'm learning, and really become of the internet sewing community that I've grown to love.  Thanks for stopping by and I hope you'll come back again soon!