Friday, July 29, 2011

Swapping Bracelets

I don’t know why they’ve suddenly popped up, but it seems like I’m seeing friendship bracelets and tutorials for them all over the internet lately.  I got nostalgic reading about them because I remember making them when I was in school (about a million years ago). When I came across a friendship bracelet swap, I decided to wax nostalgic and sign up!  I received my 3 swapping partners in my email box today, made a quick trip to Joanns for the floss, and spent the afternoon poking around tutorials. Now I’m excited to get started!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pattern Review: Beach Robe

I'd been looking for something fun to make for my niece ‘s birthday in a couple of weeks. When I came across a pattern for a beach robe on the Made blog I knew it would be the perfect gift for this Florida pool baby.  I’ve read Made for a long time and Dana’s tutorials were always well written so I decided to give the Beach Robe pattern a try. Not to mention, $8 for the pattern, $5 for a towel at target and a coordinating fat quarter from my stash was a bargain for a gift. One thing I want to mention is that I really appreciate being able to download the pattern as soon as I click on “pay”.  I know this is a little thing but it’s always tough to wait for the pattern to come in my email who know how many hours after I’ve made my purchase.  I was excited to be able to see the pattern instantly.


In regards to the pattern itself, it was super easy to follow.  I’m definitely what I would consider a pretty newbie sewist, and I had no problems whatsoever.  The pattern is 29 pages long, 12 of which are pattern pieces which were really easy to tape together after printing them. The only part I thought was even slightly challenging was deciding how to attach the hood.  I knew I wanted it to be lined, so I elected to lay the lining and hood right sides together and sew them leaving enough room to flip it right side out when I was done.  Then I just attached it to the top of the already constructed robe. The seam it created wasn’t too unsightly and I it was a bit easier than trying to sandwich the top of the robe between the 2 layers of the hood. I was able to make the whole robe in the course of an afternoon and am super pleased with the results.  The pictures aren’t the greatest, but I’m going to replace them with pictures of my niece in the robe once she receives it. 


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little sparkle

I hope you had a great 4th.  Mine was low key, at home with sparklers.  Couldn’t have been better…