Saturday, June 25, 2011


After many months I'm finally back to blogging.  My old blog went by the wayside when I went back to college for my bachelor's degree in nursing.  I've been a pediatric oncology nurse since 1999 when I finished nursing school, though I now work in the area of clinical research (still peds hem/onc).  You fellow nurses out there can attest, if you want to expand and advance in the field of nursing these days you just have to have that four-year degree.  Anyway, once school started, blogging slowed then came to a halt as I no longer had time for anything but the books. 

Thankfully, I finished about a year ago and am now finally back to where I can dedicate time to blogging again.  This particular blog is still in it's growing stages so you might see some frequent rearranging.  I hope you'll make it a frequent stop in your blog travels. 

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